View Full Version : My pig is pregnant...I could use some advice

02-10-03, 09:14 am
When we got our pigs back in December..they were supposed to be 2 females. Well in the beginning in January I figured they were acting alittle peculiar so I took them in for a check and sure enough on of them was a male. I split them up but not quick enough...my female will be giving birth any day now, in my prediction anyways.

I had joined this board and another board a couple months ago and I did learn quite a bit, especially from the other board. But I guess I posted too many threads so they asked me to not do that anymore...I thought that I was there to learn and since the forum was called "cavy chat" I thought I was allowed to chat about my guinea pig. And then people were being bashed because of spelling errors and such so I decided I had enough.

But...I still have so many questions and concerns about my guinea pigs so I really could use some advice.

My female (Britney) is about 12 wks old. I checked her using the method where you look for the bone at the bottom of her belly and I found that it turned into 2 small bumps. They are about 1/2" apart from eachother. I read that if they are a finger lengh apart then they will probably give birth about 72 hours later.

I am feeding her lots of pellets and good gp food and I offer her fruits (apples, oranges, canteloupe, nectarines, peaches, strawberries) but she doesn't touch any of them. I also give her veggies (1/2 of a baby carrot 2 times a week, the carrot stems, different lettuces, cucumber, red peppers) and she won't touch any of them except the carrots. But I cannot give her many of those...right?

She does love her alfalpha (which I give her very little, but recently learned that while she is pregnant she can have more). (This kind of upsets me because I had asked about this on the other board and they reprimanded me about not doing a search, etc., instead of telling me this...my female could have been eating it for a while now had they just answered my question). (btw, I did do searches, but they always brought up so much that had nothing to do with my question)

Anways, I am sorry to bombard you with such a long post. I would just like to know if the information I am stating here in this thread is correct and also can you give me any more advice as far as taking care of her while she is pregnant?

Thank you!!!