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06-02-09, 05:43 pm
Hi! I am g-pig sweetness and i have had my one guina pig for a year. sadly, she doesnt have a friend just yet but i am planning on one this weekend. But the thing is i live nowhere near any adoptables and i desided to buy one from the petstore near my house any last minute suggestions??

06-02-09, 08:38 pm
All I can suggest, very strongly, is that you don't buy from a petstore.

They are often mis-sexed, sick and/or pregnant and they way they are bred is nothing short of cruel. There are always unwanted and abandoned pigs to be adopted in every area if you look hard enough. If there isn't a shelter near you, try craigslist or something similar.

06-02-09, 08:46 pm
Buying from a pet store is a terrible idea. No one is going to pat you on the back here for doing it. And you will have to learn the hard way when you bring home a sick pig.

Did you check your local animal shelter or rescues?

06-02-09, 08:46 pm
I suggest posting a "looking to adopt" post in the appropriate forum on this site. Be sure to list your location.

If you get a pig from a petstore, there is a very good chance that it will need expensive vet care or die. If nothing else, you are supporting the irresponsible breeding of guinea pigs who will live unhappily in horrible conditions. Please take the time to read over the reasons why it is strongly recommended to adopt.

Are there shelters with no guinea pigs listed? You could call them and have them contact you if any pigs are turned in. Some shelters euthanize pigs or reject them or just don't advertise them, but if they know you are interested they will contact you.

Are there any rescues within a few hours of you? Many rescues will help with transportation.

Did you try Craigslist or classfied ads?

If there is a petstore in your area, I can guarantee you that there are also homeless pigs.