View Full Version : Vet How do I make my piggie comfortable for her first vet visit?

06-02-09, 10:48 am
My oldest girl is 1 year and 3 months. She has never been to the vet, so I decided it was time for a check-up. Plus, I want tehm to check for mites, just in case. She is a VERY shy piggie and has just recently started getting used to me. She still gets scared very easily. Is there ANYTHING I can do to make her more comfortable? I don't want it to be incredibly traumatic for her...

06-02-09, 11:40 am
If she has a cage mate take the cage mate along. This is what I do. Also if you're checking for mites the vet would do a painful skin scrape that isn't even 100% accurate, you might as well just treat for mites as it really can't hurt them.

06-02-09, 11:43 am
Unfortunately, she doesn't have a cage mate yet (the cage mate just arrived, and she is still in quarantine).

I am sorry, I meant fleas and lice - I think I see small bugs, but they may just be pieces of bedding or dust or something like that. It wouldn't be for mites.

Any other ideas?

06-02-09, 12:32 pm
Just take her with some hay a fresh veggies. This is what I did for my boy who is in quarantine and hasn't had his neuter yet. He's being neutered right now as I type this.