View Full Version : 2 male in a cage !!!

02-07-03, 07:36 pm
i use to have 3 cages for my pigies ... :| but now one of the cage is not good anymore .. i kinda walk on it while cleaning it ... oops .. now ive put the 2 male together .. father and sun ish .. a first i wasnt sure what to do .. leave them alone or what .. but its been 2 nights and nothing sor far that happen bad that i can see... but my question is ... could it end up into a big fight ???

thats just until i can find a other cage ... or at least a lot bigger one for the 2 of them together ....

i have 2 male and 2 female pigies .. and i wish i could leave them all together for a play time in the den but .. my male ( tha father ) ehehhe hes very very veyr u know what:cool: :rollin: 8o 8o ( want to make babies all the time ) ehehehehhe

well thats my storry and it would help if i could get a answer quikie ....8o :evil: :evil: :evil:

02-10-03, 09:56 am
Definately keep your males and females separated. Guinea pigs are herd animals and they like to have a companion of the same sex or altered/neutered opposite sex. If your males are getting along so far, they will probably be ok living together. How old are they? The younger male may try to become the dominant male when it gets older and vice versa, but then again they may not. I recommend you read through the cavyspirit.com site and the guinealynx.com site to learn more about guinea pig behavior. Good luck, and keep the sexes separated!