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05-30-09, 12:40 am
I started to post an intro last week and it got deleted on me by accident.
Well my hubby and two children are parents to 8 guinea piggies. We fell in love with our first one back in May of last year. After finding this wonderful site and much research, we shortly after found a wonderful rescue in the area and adopted a friend for our "Baby". Baby and Punkin hit it off right away and then we decided that our family of four only had two piggies to fight over. So the rescue had 3 beautiful boars that I absolutley fell in love with. We adopted them and had a 2x5 C&C cage for the girls and a lower level for the boys. The boys have since been seperated with grids dividing so they can still have contact with each other. They still get out for floor time together but very monitored and for a brief period of time before things get vicious again. We have even tried the buddy bath to no avail:sad:.

Well we have since adopted 3 more sows(2 of which get along wonderfully with our original sows), but the newest one is very dominant and has not been able to get along with any of my girls. She came to the rescue already pregnant and she was only 3 months old. Needless to say she had 3 stillborns, and 1 that only made it for a couple of days. The momma almost died herself. How foolish and careless people are. She is a wonderful pig and we all love her and she does great with us, but she just does not get along with our other sows.

I guess I am hoping things will get better the more we try. If not I guess I will just have to add number 9 by getting a baby piggy from the rescue. I forgot to mention that the girls are now in a 2X9 cage with a top section with a ramp for the newest sow. The boys are on the lower level and still have to have the dividers up. Sorry for going so long. I have wanted to write for so long and say hello, but I am not good at this kind of thing. I do love our piggies though and am very thankful for this site and all the knowledge I have acquired thru much time reading sooooooo many threads. Thank you all. Will get my daughter to post some pigtures soon. Enjoying piggy mommyhood.lol

05-30-09, 12:28 pm
Hi piggiecrazy. This site is great. I, too, am new and have learned tons just by reading over old threads and searching for things I'm looking for.

You have quite the pig-load there, too! :)

05-30-09, 12:38 pm
Hello, and welcome. There are a lot of great people here willing to help you with anything you need to know about our favorite fuzzies!

05-30-09, 12:41 pm
Welcome to GPC! Sounds like your doing just fine with your herd. Great job rescuing and giving all those piggies a forever home. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Although it seems like you have been able to find your answers through a search of the threads.

05-30-09, 06:08 pm
Hi! And welcome! This place is obviously a wealth of information, but you knew that ;) Best wishes to you and your eight (!!) cavies.

05-31-09, 12:53 am
Thank you all. I have always enjoyed doing research on the computer but now I get to do it on my favorite subject. You are all right about the wealth of info available here. I have told so many people about this site. I even gave the site to my vet who had no clue about the wonderful c&c cages. He personally has two piggies of his own at home and is now using this site. LOL.
My daughter was able to post some pigtures, so enjoy. I will get some of the cage after it gets its weekly laundering tomorrow. That is a long day, with the washing the fleece and towels and then clipping nails. All 112 of them. LOL