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05-25-09, 06:19 pm
I plan to make a cage prior to bringing my piggies home so their palace is all ready for them :) I am pretty sure I will be able to find both grids and Coroplast at places near my home, but I was wondering if only one sheet of Coroplast is good enough. The place I plan to get it from sells it in 4x8 sheets. Is one good enough for a cage for 2 piggies? Also, how high should the sides be?

05-25-09, 06:24 pm
One sheet should be large enough. My cage is 2x7 with 6 inch sides and a 4x8 sheet was enough. I even have alittle left over.

05-25-09, 06:26 pm
The size of the sides depends on the age of the cavies. Babies are supposed to be in 10 inch, most adult cages of 6 inches. The sides are 6 inches to keep bedding and hay inside. If you measure the size of the inside of your cage and add on the extra inches for the sides you will know if you need one sheet or more.

Slave to the Wheek
05-26-09, 01:18 am
I experimented a great deal and found that 8 inches is just about right if you use regular bedding. I have a 2x4grid cages and I fill it with 2 LARGE bags of Carefresh every couple of weeks and spot pick it up daily so that they never have any wet or poo poo spots. When I do that. the bedding is high enough so that the boys can easily see over the edges of the coroplast, but still keeps the bedding from getting kicked out during their laps.

Having the deep sides is great and let's the piggies see out over the tops if they feel like it, or they can hide behind it if they want

Here's a link to my album of my CC Cage:
Picasa Web Albums - Obee's Mom - 2008-Nov-17 2... (http://picasaweb.google.com/Oberons.Mom/2008Nov172x4CCCage#)


05-26-09, 01:53 am
The 4 by 8 sheet is good enough unless you are making it bigger than 2 by 6?

P.S. I love that doggie above.

05-26-09, 09:58 am
Our cage is 3x5, with 4" sides (I have adult pigs, and use fleece). We also have a 1x3+1 upper deck. One sheet was enough for the bottom level with some left over. The leftover wasn't big enough, though to make the floor for the upper level, so I had to use part of the second sheet for that. We have a LOT left over.