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05-21-09, 08:11 pm

After much research, my husband and I decided to add a piggy to our lives. We adopted a pig yesterday, mostly for our young children's pleasure, but of course for ours as well. Our piggie came with the name Ollie - which seems to suit him well. He is, I believe, and American calico GP. He is less than a year old. We just got him yesterday, and have already bought the grids to make him a 2x6 cage. I was lurking on your site yesterday, and decided to join today. Thank you for providing so much info - it really is helpful to inexperienced GP owners.


05-21-09, 08:20 pm
Hi and welcome!

new piggie
05-21-09, 08:24 pm
Welcome to GPC! You will get alot of great information here. I have been here since February and I learn something new everyday. The people here are caring and very knowledgeable. Get ready to be a sponge and soak all the information in! Sometimes I get overwhelmed and have to write it all down just to make sure I didn't read it wrong! Goodluck and have fun with your new addition to the family.

05-22-09, 04:31 pm
Thank you!! Can someone please direct me to the rules again, as well as an overview of the thanking system - am I suppose to thank everyone that replies to me, etc...?

05-22-09, 04:36 pm
Welcome to GPC! You may want to consider adopting another friend for Ollie because in the wild guinea pigs are social animals and require another guinea pig friend.

05-22-09, 04:38 pm
You can't thank until you become a cavy slave and once you become a slave you can thank if you want. Here's a link to the policies and guidelines; Policies & Guidelines - Guinea Pig Cages, Care, Store, Photos of Guinea Pigs and More Forum! (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/policies-guidelines/). Also there are stickies that you should read in each forum section that have to do with posting rules as well.

05-22-09, 04:55 pm
Thanks for the tips. We are in the process of building our c&c cage then I desperately want to add another.

05-22-09, 04:57 pm
One more newbie question - I saw the list of acceptable pellets, are any of the reccommended brands available at stores like Petco/Petsmart?

05-22-09, 05:00 pm
I would recommend KM pellets (Kleenmama's Hayloft :: Home (http://www.kmshayloft.com/)) as this is what I use. It's the best pellet out there but you can only order online. I order in bulk and it saves me a ton, but I also get my hay there as well. The next would be Oxbow you could find this at a feed store and you don't have to support a pet store. I order most of my stuff online or I go to a feed store that doesn't sell live animals so I don't support pet stores.

05-22-09, 05:03 pm
Welcome to GPC!

Yes, Oxbow is available at PetSmart. It is also available at some feed stores. Even if feed stores don't carry it, they may be willing to add it to their inventory if you ask. I got my local feed store to start carrying it since I didn't want to give pet stores my business in any way shape or form.

Kleenamamas is only available online. Her pellets and Oxbow are by far the best. I do like hers a bit more though, even with the shipping costs.

05-22-09, 05:52 pm
Oxbow has a store locator on their website. Mazuri 5664 and Sweet Meadow are also okay if you can find those.