View Full Version : C&C I had to down-size my cages.

05-18-09, 09:01 am
Howdy everyone, long time no see!

I had to downsize my boys 2x3 cages because A. Jiggys was so tall, I couldn't quite get things cleaned. B. It was harder to get them out, which means like Zero% of floor-time. and C. For my own sanity, and to get them side by side in an attempt to see if they would bond, or anything of thoes sorts.

Jiggy and Early are in a split 2x4 ontop of the girls 2x4. I want to get them in the same cage one of these days. Plus, The cages look nicer, and i can acualy clean the cages without breaking a connector from climbing in!!.

I need to move my sofa out of my bedroom, and when I do, I am thinking of moving the cages by my computer desk, and than making them bigger. I may even make the girls into a 2x5 and cut down some of the sides so i can look into the cage easily. I have all these plans, but I can't do anything untill i get a job, and free-time! XD I had my first day off from running around with my folks sunday and rebuilt the cages. I also vacumed with baking soda....If only I can get the other haft of my room where the ferrets stay to get cleaned!

Anyway, Question- What is the sucess rate of two boars getting along with two females near-by? In the 24 hours they have been side-by-side, they have calmed down from rumbling, and even lay next to each other O.O

05-18-09, 09:08 am
It really depends on the boys. The more space they have, the more likely it will be that they can get along.

If I'm understanding this correctly, you're saying you have your two boys in a 2x2 each? That's really not enough room for one pig unless the situation is extremely temporary.

05-18-09, 09:19 am
At the moment, each boy has their own 2x2. yes it's small, but untill i move my sofa, and figure out where everything will be going, it's going to have to be like it.

I have plenty of cubes, but it's the space, and the availibility that I have to work at.

A good thing though is that i bough a big thing of horse hay the other day, and omg is it soft. It's like when I bought hay from oxboy, but bigger, and better. ^.^ plus it was only five for a bale. I may have to go back and get one more bale to sit somewhere in the garage....That reminds me..I need to make a list of things that i need. XD