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05-13-09, 09:39 am
Hey guys,
I've had guinea pigs for about 2 months now (two girls, Galactus and Bailey). I had a cage my friend gave to me (it's about 4ft by 2ft) but it has low walls and I'd like to give my growing guineas some room to run around without making a huge mess in my carpeted room.

I purchased all of the necessary materials to build them a 3(grid)x2(grid) 2 level cage, the only problem was the coroplast. The sheets come in 8ftx4ft sheets and the only way I could get it home was by cutting them into 4 4ftx4ft squares. I need to join the two pieces of coroplast back together on the bottom to be able to construct the floor/walls of the cage (the bottom piece needs to be 5 odd feet by 4 feet).

What's the best way of doing to ensure it's sturdy and poo won't be falling through? Can I just use packing tape on the underside of the floor / outside of the walls where the coroplast meets or should zip ties and tape be used?


05-13-09, 07:39 pm
I've only joined coroplast for the floor but I used duct tape on both top and bottom (wrapped around, actually) and it's been fine. I do use incontenence pads under my towels and fleece, so the piggies never have the opporunity to get to the tape and the tape never gets wet. It has worked well for quite some time now. You can roll coroplast, if you're careful. There's even pictures of the process in the photo gallery.