View Full Version : Please help! Wild rabbit kit, very ill!

bunnys n pigs
05-12-09, 05:56 pm
I was outside today, looking around when I saw what I thought to be a dead bat laying in the grass. Checking to see if it really was dead or if I could still help it, I found out it is a very ill cottontail rabbit kit. It can hardly move, it is extremely weak, and barely able to shift its paws. I'm not sure what exactly happened but I have a few theories - 1 - the grass was sprayed a few days ago with weed killer, and the little fellow could have gotten himself into it today, or 2 - our neighbors mowed their feild today and it could of run it's self into exaustion. It is no bigger than my fist, and very young. It's eyes are open, it has all of its fur, but that's all the more I know at the moment. Please, PLEASE help!

05-12-09, 06:48 pm
The only thing that comes to mind at this moment is trying to get vet care for the kit.

bunnys n pigs
05-12-09, 07:00 pm
thank you, since it' 9pm now I'll have to wait until tommorow, bless the poor thing

05-12-09, 07:56 pm
Call your emergency vet office, they may know of a wildlife rehabilitator that can help. Also check this link How To Locate a Wildlife Rehabilitator (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~devo0028/contact.htm)