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05-12-09, 02:34 am
Right now I have a 2x5 c&c cage for my 2 boars, and I am going to be adopting 2 more guinea pigs soon! I am thinking of stacking a 2x5 c&c cage ontop of this cage, would this be ok? And do I have to quarantine the new guinea pigs? They won't be living in the same cage but I still want to introduce them.

05-12-09, 04:27 am
If the guinea pigs are even going to be in the same room then you should quarantine them in case of any airborne viruses, mites, or fleas. After the quarantine period you can move them into the same room & introduce them to your two existing pigs.

I don't know much about stacking the cages, but I'm sure someone else here does!

05-12-09, 09:32 am
To ensure their health, you do need to quarantine the new pigs in an entirely separate room of the house. Do you plan to have them living in separate cages permanently or just for quarantine? I ask because if the plan is for them to live in different cages, introducing them is only going to be unnecessarily stressful.

05-12-09, 02:14 pm
Ok, so I still have to quarantine.
Because I don't have room for a 2x6 cage for 4 pigs, my only option would to be stacking. Or would 4 piggies be ok in a 2x5 cage? I know it would be a bit squished.

05-12-09, 02:44 pm
Are they males or females?

And I still don't understand why they would need to meet at all if they aren't going to be living together.

Yes, you still need to quarantine.

05-12-09, 03:35 pm
I'm confused. Why wouldn't you want to introduce them and have them all live together? As for stacking a cage, it really is quite easy: The only difficult part is supporting the top level, which dowels or 1 1/4" cube pieces of wood work well with. I would think if you place a 2 x 5 on top of a 2 x 5, it should be plenty of room for 4 cavies.

05-12-09, 09:47 pm
Yes, you have a point. I just don't want them all fighting in playtime, unless I have seperate playtime too. Oh well, you'll never know until you try.