View Full Version : Pop Bottle Tunnel?

05-11-09, 08:31 pm
My pig has toys. She loves to climb, so I have things she can climb on without hurting herself. She also loves to push around a little tractor. However, anybody needs new toys once and a while, and I would like to construct more for Patch. One of her most recent:
Notice the sewn "pillow case" around the crate so her paws don't get stuck. The bottom is coated with a few layers of cloth. She gets on it by using her little chewable onable house (too small for her now) as a step stool.

So, I've been thinking, can I make her a tunnel out of a pop bottle? I would cut both ends off and sew cloth around it so that she couldn't get herself on the edges.

05-11-09, 08:39 pm
My pigs love PVC tunnels, and they're 4" wide so I would guess that if you used a 2L and made it so that they couldn't chew on it or cut themselves I'm sure it'd be fine. Let me know if it works out. I'm sure mine would love it too.

05-11-09, 08:41 pm
Alright, thanks. I'll look for some good cloth tonight and start on it tomorrow. ; D I'm working on making her a little hammock right now