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05-11-09, 06:37 pm
One of my new girls has (adopted two weeks ago today) is beginning to lose some hair.
It's not much, just a little bit on her side, and in between her ears. The skin looks perfectly fine. It's nice and pink (she is a PEW) No irritation, no sign of "creepy crawlies" of any sort, no skin sores, ETC. She is eating fine, drinking plenty of water, pooping, and not losing any weight.
Her "sister", who I adopted with her, is just fine. Nothing wrong at all with her.
Just for a little background: I don't know much about her. Her previous people had both girls for three months. They were purchased from a Petco (GRRRRRR!!!!)
They couldn't keep them due to an increasingly bad allergy in one of their children. They didn't know the exact age of either girl, but the one losing hair is much smaller than the other "sister", so I think she may be younger. Of course, she could also just be a petite pig.
They previous people mentioned that one of their children had ringworm. They swore than "guinea pigs carried ringworm. Child caught it from the pig"
I doubt that the piggy has ringworm, as she doesn't have any symptoms. But I can't be sure.
I will call the vet ASAP, but does anyone ideas what could be causing this? Do you think it could just be stress?
(They are now referred to as "Piggy" and "Sister" because I haven't yet decided on their permanant names. That's for a later post)

05-11-09, 10:46 pm
She could have mites, you wouldn't see them and they can cause hairloss. http://www.guinealynx.info/mites.html I am trying to remember where I heard that mites can cause/aggravate an allergic reaction in people.
Or ringworm is possible. The likely scenerio would be the pig catching ringworm from the child.

05-11-09, 11:07 pm
I'd get ivermectin and start treating for mites.

GPs can carry ringworm/ fungus. But children can pass it to them as well as the other way around.

05-12-09, 12:25 am
I agree with the last two. When in doubt, ivermectin treatment can't hurt.