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05-09-09, 09:32 am
Hello im about to built a C&C cage myself. But looking at the gallery, i noticed alot of you guys have carpet and such, did you potty train them?

Also my guinea pig loves to destroy things and chew on them,and i know for sure they'll destroy the carpet.How would I be able to make some spots carpet or soft surface without worrying about them getting shavings (from other places) or pooping/ chewing on them?

PS: My guinea pig is a stubborn, rescued middle aged guinea pig


05-09-09, 10:28 am
If your making a C&C there should be Coroplast between the carpet and the bedding. Some people use a vinyl shower curtain to protect the carpet but bedding and poops still find their way out. My coroplast has sides so poop doesn't get out generally speaking.

05-09-09, 12:27 pm
Carpet is not used for bedding. You might be thinking of fleece. There is a sticky on that in the bedding forum that I suggest you read over. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Regarding the chewing, does your pig have unlimited grass hay to chew on?

05-10-09, 03:34 pm

I guess something like above wouldn't work then, or ill have ot potty train him.

My situation right now, is I have a bunny that's potty trained, a guinea pig that's using shavings. I keep them in 2 different cages right beside each other(Stress factor?). I want a bigger cage for my bunny since he's getting quite big, my guinea pig is happy the way he is,but wouldn't hurt to get him a new built cage too!

Im planning to make something like this
Bigger for the boy's - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/14721)
With my guinea pig cage placed at the bottom left replacing the grids, while my bunny gets 2 grid height, and a second floor for just food and water that's worth one grid height.

PS: My guinea pig doesn't chew, but when you let him roam around the house he likes to chew on things(to satisfy his curiousity of feeling every texture), I have a block of wood for her to chew on in her own cage.

05-10-09, 04:11 pm
That's fleece in the cage not carpet. Fleece is just a fabric that wicks away moisture to something absorbent like towels. It's washable and re-usable. I use that in my cage and they are not litter trained. I still have to sweep up their poops twice a day at the very least but it's easier to do than having to clean a loose bedding.

Check this out regarding fleece http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/bedding/21568-fleece-project-study.html

Hope that helps.