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Panda Man
05-06-09, 01:10 am
So my Fiance and I bought an albino guinea pig around February, her name is "Guinea <female dog> face" Yeah it's not really "appropriate" but, meh? She really has a in your face attitude, she isn't physically aggressive, but she lets you know when your stepping on her terf.

This site has Helped us tremendously! I have learned ALOT about my little pig, We had one of those "pet store" cages, it fit on top of our Bookshelf, it barley fit her "Eatible log" home, and gave her VERY little running room, she also had no toys, just food dish, house and water... After Discovering this site a few weeks ago, We have built a MUCH bigger cage, a 42" by 48" open face cage, only cost us $11 to build, we saw at petsmart a cage 1/2 the size for $120. Then Stuck her old Cage in the New one, and use it as a "Feeding" room where her Hay bale is, and food dish and water etc... and I make sure before I go to work she gets 2-3 baby carrots before I go. but... she was still bored.

Even after the larger cage, more attention, more toys, Everything we thought would make her happy she still just sat in there looking bored. So after talking VERY little about it, my fiance and I decided to get another pig. Her name is Mochachino(mocha for short) and she is medium length hair but has TONS of callics(its kinda funny looking) and she is Very Cuddly, and WOW! Immediatly, my other guinea pig(my older Albino one) Started to popcorn instantly, There "introduction" was short, then we took the new one out and we began to hear my older Sow almost wimper when we took the new one out, then we decided just to put her in and watch what happens, It's best to Quarintine them, which we did for a day or two, but those... Squeeking type sounds, then put the newer one back in, and for the past few days, they have been best buds... That "Show of Dominance" is still not over, the Hiearchy challange is still going on, but Nothing Serious aggresivley has happened, nudging and rump sniffing and butt rubbing is all that is going on.

But I'd like to thank the Site owners(and Forum attendants) that have put so much information on here for people who have little knowledge of guinea pigs(Cavys) and made it VERY simple to learn about guinea pigs. Now we are one big Happy Family.

OH! and pictures of the pigs.

Guinea <female dog> Face.

05-08-09, 02:00 pm
thats a reet cute pig

05-08-09, 03:14 pm
First of all, you should of quarantined for about 3 weeks to make sure that the other pig did not have any diseases, but since you have not there is not point in doing it now.
Secondly, did you build a C&C cage with the space requirements for both pigs, as they are being housed together right?
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05-08-09, 03:29 pm
Hey Welcome! I know what you mean by in your face, my Pixie is the same way lol! Glad to know you found us and your learning, hopefully your enjoying things!