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05-05-09, 09:50 am
I got my first Piggy last week! I actually did buy it from a pet store :(. I didn't realize that you could adopt piggies until after I picked him up. That and I feel horrible for pet store animals :( His name is Pugsley, and he appears to be a very healthy young and happy little boy, he popcorns when its feeding time or when I get home from work/school!
He will be going to the vet soon to get a checkup and make sure all is well! I only have one piggy at the moment and plan on eventually getting him a brother!

I do have a few questions, I bought him a quite large cage, but would like a bigger cage. He gets tons of floor time, I usually set up pillows and he runs around and popcorns everywhere. He loves my fiance's jogging pants! He was sitting on the floor with him and Pugsley cuddled up on his lap, after popcorning for a few minutes. So I would like to make a cage and get him so fleece to snuggle up in. What can I use aside from the corrugated plastic/coroplast for the bottom of the cage? I've heard around here that it's hard to find and quite costly. Could I use a shower curtain or vinyl? At least temporarily until I run across some corrugated plastic.

One other thing, I prefer an open cage since I no longer have any other pets aside from Pugsley. Is there anyway of him being able to climb up and out of the cage, like hamsters do?

Sorry for such a long post!

05-12-09, 09:32 am
Hello and Welcome! Your not alone when it comes to purchasing your first piggy from a pet store. I too am guilty of not knowing enough about the little guys prior to getting one. My daughter picked guinea pigs as her high school FFA project after me protesting, she eventually talked me into getting Oliver. I am so glad I said yes he is so sweet and has brought our family joy and much happiness I wouldn't have it any other way.

05-12-09, 12:04 pm
I have heard of people using vinyl shower curtains until they could find coroplast. Check around at sign shops. I found someone near me that sells it for $11 for a 4x8 sheet. Also, usually guinea pigs can not climb out of the grid cages. They do not need a top unless you have other animals to worry about. Good Luck with your new piggie!