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02-11-03, 12:26 pm
Does anyone know the amount of pellets I should feed my pigs? I know that if they have over a certain amount it will cause them to get fat. Also I have a pregnant female so I was wondering if I should give her more since she's eating for more than one.

02-11-03, 12:31 pm
Tiffcavylover, I always keep my pigs bowls and plates full of pellets. They're not really fat either, so I don't think having more food down is pressuring them to eat it. I also put down fresh timothy hay daily for them. You wouldn't believe how much I spend on hay alone :evil:

Since you have a pregnant female, yes it's adviseable to give her more food. And give her a lot of Alfalfa hay too.... her babies should eat this when they're born also.
But DON'T feed your older cavies Alfalfa hay all of the time, give them Timothy hay.

02-11-03, 02:44 pm
For your pregnant pig, the mix of timothy and alfalfa hay is good, as well as a mix of timothy and alfalfa based pellets. For your other pigs you should try to give them a timothy based pellet like oxbow's cavy cuisine. Too much alfalfa will most likely cause kidney stones. You can offer them as much pellets as they will eat, as long as you dump the pellets daily or every other day and replenish with fresh. Also make sure they are getting the proper amount of vitamin C. Keep a close eye on your pregnant gp and have a guinea pig savy vet handy just in case of an emergency.