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05-04-09, 11:28 am
Hello, I have been a member for a bit but never got around to officially introduce my piggies. We have two males, Patches and Linny. Linny is 7 mos and Patches is 5 mos.

They are both adorable and just hilarious to play with. When my daughter comes home from school the pigs are put into a playpen in the living room where we can interact with them throughout the rest of the day, then bedtime to their c&c in my daughter's room.

Linny is usually very quiet but when we first get them for their floor time he runs around popcorning and wheeking like you wouldn't beleive.

Patches is much noisier. He makes this little chittering noise when he walks. I always can tell when he is on the move. He is cute to begin with, but when he is running aorund and chittering, he is the most cutest.

This site has been extemely helpful and we have learned so much to help us raise happy healthy piggies.

05-04-09, 11:59 am
Welcome and those are some cute piggies!

05-04-09, 12:40 pm
Awe very cute

05-04-09, 01:11 pm
Very cute, indeed!