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05-03-09, 02:27 pm
Hi people call me boyo and i have joined really to see how these c and c cages are built.
Our pigs are currently in two nero 4 cages but they do have a nice size outdoor run and a hutch.They never sleep out and the hutch is there just for them to play insde of as the door is removed for them to jump in and out
We have 4 pigs
Scruffy is a male and we got him in january aged 12 weeks
Nut nut is female and we got her the next day
we had already bought two cages
They pined that much to be together that we decided that we would get scruffy to the vet and on the vets advice he was once old enough neutered.
he recovered very fast and was in fact running around the same day.
they then started to live together.
last month we thought now would be the ideal time to get another two
this time we got a pair of sisters
miggie is a multicoloured pig and her sister biscuit is brown on the head with a white body
scruff and nut are black and white