View Full Version : What size outdoor run is recommended?

04-30-09, 12:46 pm
Hi I was just wondering if the same guidelines of the C&C cages apply to an outside play area?
I have a 2 1/2 ft. by 2ft enclosed wire mesh cage that I put on top of the grass so that my gp can get outside and graze a bit. Is this too small?? She is only in it for an hour or so in the nice weather.
I had her outside the other day with the family and she just sat in her hidey and nibbled on grass.
Is this ok or should I ask my hubby to make a larger run?

04-30-09, 01:00 pm
That's fine, as long as she has a large enough cage.

04-30-09, 01:36 pm
It's probably not the size, but the newness of the situation that has her hiding. My boys seemed tremendously intimidated by the height of the sky when I first had them outside, LOL! I put my dog agility table in their outdoor run - it's about 2.5' square, and only 16" high - and then they felt free to roam around a lot more.

04-30-09, 01:37 pm
I have 9 grids held together with cable ties. I use this indoors and out for small floor time. My piggies don't like outdoor floor time much but I think it is good for them! If they run and popcorn outside it might be worth getting a bigger space but otherwise it sounds fine for an hour as long as they get other floor time.

Furry's Friend
05-01-09, 07:25 am
My daughter and I enjoyed something new yesterday with our 2 piggie girls: I laid the picnic table benches on their sides, parallel to each other, to make the walls of a "run." My daughter and I sat at either end to block the openings. The piggies ran back and forth between us, munching and playing. It was a quick, easy way to have a little interactive outdoor time without having to set up grids or drag some sort of pen out there for them. Of course, you can't leave the area if you try this setup! But it's perfect for when you want to take them out for just a few minutes.

05-02-09, 09:50 pm
I use a 24" high dog ex-pen with a wire closet shelving divider in the middle for my 2 pairs of boars. They get a 4x4 area for each pair and they do fine. I cover half wiht a large towel and clip it on there so they have some shade/shelter, but I spend the whole time out there with them (while my kids play).

I do think, the bigger the better, and some day, when we stop moving around so much, I fancy a huge, more natural outdoor enclosure for them during the daytime, I could use the fancy concrete blocks, maybe 3 high, with the interior decorated with various stones and hiding places within the stones, then plant grasses and herbs in there, with maybe a small pond (use the top of a bird bath). I have fancy ideas :)