View Full Version : HELP Humping Frenzy???!!! HELP

02-05-03, 06:14 pm
HELP my guinea pigs are humping eachother, and they are both males. They wont stop. HELP!!! :lol:

02-06-03, 08:30 am
How long have they been behaving like this? Have you had them together long? They are most likely trying to determine dominance. You may want to go through the cavyspirit site, there is some more information about guinea pigs showing dominance. I believe they should stop after a while.

02-06-03, 12:43 pm
piggies do this too establish dominance. one of my sows does into two of the others, yet my two boars have rarely done it to each other.
It maybe worth checking they are both the same sex, just incase :)

02-12-03, 03:39 am
I have two males that have lived together now for close to a year. When they first were introduced they humped ALOT :mad:
Now that they have determined who is the boss they hardly hump any more. Don't get me wrong they still do upon occasion. Most often when they go back into the cage after cleaning they do a quick chase around and a hump or two.

Not to worry it is all completley normal.