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04-29-09, 03:46 am
Hallo everybody!

I am Maria Titomichelaki, 30 years old, and I am from Greece.
I found this fantastic site, and I learned a lot of important information about Gouinea Pigs. You have done an excellend job here, and thank you all, for your time to spend for answer all the questions for cavies.
Here in Greece, they don't have any C/C cages, only some small cage like prison.
So, me and my husband, Michalis, (I am a Graphic Designer and Michalis is a carpenter) we create this week (it took us 5 days) a very nice house for my piggies, with a second floor, 1.05m x 0.55 cm each floor (the stairs was very hard to constact) also, we create a park, three times bigger than the cage we fix, for my two female guinea pigs, which I am going to have about the end of May, becouse they are still babies and they have to stay with their mother.
The materials that we use, is melamine, woodpulp, grid for rabbits, and clean wood. As for the protective stuff for the flight of stairs is plexiglas.
I am going to put a fleece bed and stick a friction tape all around the cage so the urine can't leave from the spaces.
The scale is tear off, so I can easily clean the cage.
I am also sew small cossies and bed for my guinea, becouse here in Greek Pet Shops, they sell only for dogs and cat, nothing for piggies.
I also have to decorate outside the cage with cute stickers and small flower stuff in the angles all around.
Its the first time in my life which I am going to have a pet in my life, and I want to do the best for them, to live with me very happy for the rest of their lives...






06-14-09, 09:18 am
I have found cubes from carefour at agios Stefanos (40 cubes for 25 euro ) and coroplast from organizer.gr (only 1.20x80 at any color for 5 euro )

06-15-09, 10:39 am
Elianna, thank you for the information, but, this week, we completely change the piggies home!
Actually, we create a new one, 2.20m x 0.70cm (!) for my two guinea so they have a lot of space to run and play now. Teressa from this site, told me that the first cage was very small for two piggies, so yesterday we finish the new, big one home. Next days, I will upload my new fotos of the super guinea-pigs home!

06-30-09, 07:54 pm
Elliana, thanks for telling about careffur, i was driving crazy, but you think that they had just a few stock when you bought it, or any time you go you can find them? I am from thessaloniki and right now my last hope to find grids is the carrefur

08-22-09, 09:37 pm
Here is a view of their new happy home!
Candy and Cherry are very happy now, they popcorning a lot!
You can go to my profile and see more photos in my album with the cage and stuff, and of course funny photos with my girls!



08-22-09, 09:47 pm
Looks really good! I love all the decorations. Great job. :cheerful:

08-22-09, 10:57 pm
Thank you Paula!

08-22-09, 11:40 pm
Woow, it looks beautiful! I am completely envious :p

I really like the birds and branches graphic on the walls :)

08-23-09, 12:40 am
Love the cage! It's great.

08-23-09, 02:15 am
WOW! What a Piggie Palace! You guys could start a business selling Guinea Pig homes! Candy and Cherry are two very lucky little gals! Easy to see they're going to have alot of love! Not to mention alot of beautiful scenery! Gorgeous!

08-23-09, 11:52 am
Thank you guys for your comments!