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04-28-09, 05:25 pm
I recently came across a certain Guinea pig rescue that had cages that were sponsored by this site. The website quoted that "For the convenience of our adopters (and others) we now have C&C cages available. These cages are the ones that you would receive if you ordered directly from C&C Cages. There are no shipping or handling fees involved. Sue, from Cavy Cages will keep us supplied with an inventory of these cages".

I was slightly confused at the wording. My question is:

Is the C&C cage included in the purchase of a guinea pig being housed by the rescue?

There is some sort of adoption fee depending on what you are getting and how many of them you will be getting. I was looking at a cute little guinea going for 30$ and I wanted to know if that included the cage.

the website is Connecticut's Guinea Pig Rescue Organization - The Critter Connection, Inc (http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/CT208.html)

04-28-09, 05:46 pm
I just adopted from Critter Connection (the rescue you are referring to) and no, they don't come with the adoption. If you want to get one through them you can, at additional cost. But, it would still be cheaper to get the cage through her because you won't have shipping charges.

04-28-09, 06:21 pm
Oh okay then. Thanks

I am going to assume that they do not deliver the guineas as well as the cages right to my home do they>

04-28-09, 06:26 pm
They may be able to but she will not adopt to someone who hasn't at least come in to meet her and the pig(s).

04-28-09, 06:32 pm
Darn it, I live too far and I don't really have transportation out that far, that is why I was asking.

04-28-09, 07:24 pm
I thought you couldn't afford to get your own guinea pig a cage, let alone adopt more. Isn't your guinea pig pregnant also?

04-28-09, 08:15 pm
Unfortunately she died today. She went into labor and started to scream so I took her to the vet. She (the vet) did every thing she could to save her...I lost her and her babies...I am very saddened right now and have enough supplies to look after another guinea. I am taking this websites advice and getting one from the rescue and making sure i have enough space this time.

04-29-09, 12:41 am
I am truly sorry for your loss, but I don't think you should get another guinea pig right now, considering your financial situation.

04-29-09, 02:07 pm
I know I know. I need to get a big enough cage before I do.