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04-28-09, 12:56 pm
I found a hay bag for horses here: Tackwholesale.com : Quality Tack & Equestrian Supplies : Hay Bag Canvas [71-7110] (http://www.tackwholesale.com/hay-bag-canvas-p-143.html)
Do you think it is a good idea for guinea pigs? I'm planning to make a smaller version of the bag for my pigs. Maybe make multiple opening holes 1.5" diameter.
I have a hay rack made of grids for them, but I think they don't like it that much, they prefer to have hay on the floor. I think it is hard for them to get hay out of the grids.
Do you think they will chew on the bag? I'm guessing, if they don't chew on fleece, they should be fine with the bag? I'm planning to use either nylon or cotton canvas for the bag.

04-28-09, 01:17 pm
I think that would be a great idea especially to keep most of it off the fleece. As you said since they don't chew on the fleece they probably won't chew on the bag. I'm sure they will taste it though. My girls don't chew on their fleece but they sure like to "taste" new items.

04-28-09, 01:20 pm
Thanks. I think I might try it. Just wanted to check if it is safe. If I see them chewing on it, I will remove it.

04-28-09, 01:25 pm
It should be as long as they can't get their head in the hole and if you make it 1.5" that's the same size as the grids so it should be fine.