View Full Version : Skin Problems Dry Skin???

04-28-09, 12:26 pm
I was holding my female guinea pig Peanut on my lap and was stroking her neck and behind her ears when I noticed on the skin behind her right ear little patches of dark skin, I touched it and it didn't seem to bother her but I was just wondering if anyone has an idea what this may be and if its serious. I'm not sure if it's a case of dry skin or not but if anyone has seen or heard of something like it before could give me a little info.

04-28-09, 12:52 pm
That is probably the color of the skin, as some guinea pigs have black skin on/behind their ears.(It is also a bald spot there) What color fur does you piggy have?

04-28-09, 02:52 pm
Thanks, I didn't realise their skin was dark in colour, the rest of her skin down her back is pink though? She is dark brown in colour.
This is her,