View Full Version : Fleece with newspaper??

02-01-05, 01:01 pm
Last week I put fleece in my piggies secong story, but I did not need anything under it because they never go to the bathroom up there. My problem is that they never come down and just sleep all day. I have decided to put fleece in the bottom today when I clean out their cage (I was originally only going to do this when my shavings ran out). Because I really did not plan for this to happen, I do not have any of the materials that you are suppose to use under the fleece and I was wondering if it would be ok to use newspaper, as long as its a nice thick layer of it? I believe that I may only have one towel to spare for now and it is not big enough to cover the entire cage.

02-01-05, 01:13 pm
Im not familiar with fleece, I will leave that with someone else to answer.

If you want them to go down to the bottom level make sure you keep their hay there.

The Dumpling
02-01-05, 01:38 pm
I use a thicker wad of newspaper underneath the fleece as the bottom layer of Dumpling's cage. Just as added padding. Sometimes Dumpling manages to pull up the fleece from the side of her cage and gets to the newspaper (and rips it, chews it, rip its, chews it). She's fine though, and seems to enjoy it, even after I scold her for it! =)

02-01-05, 03:05 pm
Newspaper is the only thing I use under the fleece and it works perfect. That and I get it for free from the local recycling center has kept me using fleece/newspaper since it has saved me a lot of money which I use to by the piggies more treats :)

02-01-05, 04:13 pm
Yeh, i only use newspaper underneath my towels. I think they work pretty well

02-05-05, 06:44 pm
I just started using exclusively newspaper under fleece and it works great.

02-05-05, 07:28 pm
You can use puppy pads, or you can do newspaper, puppy pads and then fleece. I just use newspaper and fleece but I heard that you change them longer if use puppy pads.

02-05-05, 07:34 pm
I am not sure, are the puppy pads disposable?

02-06-05, 12:44 am
yeah they are. But they dont leak through to the coroplast.

02-06-05, 02:32 am
I am the one that usually uses newspaper, puppy pads or incontinence pads then fleece. I put newspaper down first just incase the pads leak over but they rarely do. Only if the pigs pee at the edges. They are disposable but I am looking into buying some washable bed pads that will absorb urine to cut down on the cost of buying the disposable ones.

Right now I am doing some experimenting with the cage. I ran out of puppy pads and so I layed down a thick layer of newspaper then an old sheet and then my fleece on top. So far it seems to be working fairly well. I went for 4 days without having to change anything out. The sheet was a little damp and parts of the newspaper were somewhat wet. My girls got to where they would dig under the fleece and try to eat the puppy pads. I am going to go to some thrift stores to see if I can find some mattress pads or more old sheets that I can use.

02-06-05, 12:58 pm
Mattress pads are an awesome Idea. i think I have 2 but Ill need more. They are pretty pricey. Hey chatty I went to walmart again last night and picked up the rest of the frog matterial and got real pretty orange to go with the frog matterial. My dad gave me hundred bucks to buy more matterials. I spent 60 bucks on them including batting too. Im starting it tomorrow and I might do private orders untill I get my site going. what do ya think. Ill have pics up of matterials.