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04-28-09, 08:48 am
You need:

2 rectangles of fabric (I use fleece and a cute print), 14" wide, and as tall as you want the tunnel to be long.

EITHER foam (an inch or two smaller in all dimensions than the fabric) OR 2 11" strips of boning. I use foam in these pics.

STEP 1: Fold both rectangles in half, individually, right sides together, and sew down the long side. I use a straight stitch, and then go back with a zig-zag stitch to reinforce.



Turn the print fabric tube right side out, and, and insert it into the fleece tube, so right sides are together. Align the seams, and sew around one opening. Again, I use the straight stitch and then do a zig-zag.

Turn the whole thing right side out.

04-28-09, 08:49 am
These look great but I am just not a sewing type person, which sucks. I need something like this. You should sell them!!

04-28-09, 08:53 am
Tuck the fleece tube inside the print tube, and sew around the already-sewn opening, to prevent shifting.

Carefully insert the foam between the layers.



Tuck the raw edges in, and pin.


Sew around this edge, careful to keep all the raw edges folded in.


I then sew around both edges a few inches in to catch the foam and prevent shifting. Presto!

If you're using the boning instead of the foam, I sew it to the wrong side of the print fabric before starting step 1.

04-28-09, 09:37 am
This is great and so is the cuddle sack post. Too bad I don't have a sewing machine. I guess I could hand sew it (??) although it wouldn't be very pretty.

04-28-09, 10:02 am
Wow what a great idea!!! Thank you I am going to try this as soon as I get the materials!!
Just one question how do you care for it? Can the whole thing be washed in the washing machine or do you scrub it by hand?

04-28-09, 10:06 am
I have tossed mine in the washer and dryer with the rest of the bedding. If you sew it well, it holds up really well to laundering. If you use the foam, be sure to NOT flatten it after you wash it (don't fold it with your towels!) . If you use boning, you can collapse it, and it will retain its shape when you set it up.

09-06-10, 10:32 pm
So cute! Do you think you could use cotton batting instead of foam? Would it be easier to use?

09-07-10, 10:55 am
Great idea! my<3goestopigs, I'm going to try making the tunnel with batting. I'll post pictures of how it turns out!

Domino & Bedhead
09-07-10, 12:48 pm
Very cute!

09-07-10, 03:46 pm
Thanks. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm hoping I can go and and buy some materials so I can make one too.

09-08-10, 09:51 am
Made one yesterday. Turned out great, but could not upload pics to computer. =(
If you're using batting, just be sure and make it the exact same size as your print and your fleece. If it turns out to be too big, just trim it.

09-12-10, 09:28 pm
Thanks for the tip! :)

10-15-10, 12:18 pm
Okay so, just a heads up. Maybe I did something wrong, but I tried this twice. I measured everything twice, and in theory it all seemed like it would work well.

However I had to make mine 17" wide instead of 14".

I made everything and before I put the foam in, I noticed it looked kind of small. So I grabbed a piggy and enticed her into the tunnel. She ran in and suddenly she just started rolling. She was stuck!!

Maybe my piggies are just huge. But I would strongly recommend testing out the width before actually finishing the whole thing.

I never would have come close to making this without the instructions though. Thanks!!!!

Domino & Bedhead
10-15-10, 12:48 pm
I did exactly the same thing. Put him in and he rolled over, if he could have laughed I am sure he would have. I had to shake him out of it. So the next time I increased the size by 3 inches each way and it was just fine. I forgot the seams took up at least an inch or more. Duh I should have thought about that before. So I donated my creation (it did turn out really nice) to one of the shelters because they have baby piggies and they were greatful so it was all good. :-)

10-15-10, 07:00 pm
Thank you! I can not wait to try and make this. This is a really great idea.

10-23-10, 07:03 pm
What size of this tunnel do you guys use and prefer?

11-13-10, 03:02 pm
I'm really frustrated. I can't seem to think backwards on this so this is probably way more frustrating than it needs to be.. I spent 4 hours on one of these last night because I kept sewing the wrong sides the wrong ways and such. I don't normally have that problem but I think it is because of the form of it, it just doesn't automatically connect in my brain.

Anyway, so I saw one of these on esty and I can't figure out how they sewed both ends without a seam. I did kind of a french seam type thing on both ends of mine but I don't like how it looked. They have perfect ends....

Somehow there is a trick I am missing. Does anyone know what that is?

I don't get how I can buy a cuddle cup and a store and there is no rough seam to be seen. Or I can buy a stuffed toy without a seam showing. Are they just masters at covering it up or is there some trick I don't know about?

Grrrrrrr..... I just want them to look perfect. :(

My boyfriend says the piggies like them either way which is true (because Sunshine LOVES her lopsided, seam showing attempt of one) but I just want to figure it out!!!