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04-27-09, 10:50 pm
Hello everyone!:cheerful:

We (my wife and I) recently welcomed two little piggies into our home. We wanted pets for a long time but our landlord wouldn't allow it. Now we've moved to an apartment building where they do allow pets.

You can see our little piggies in my profile picture. The one on the left is a 5 month old peruvian, white and vanilla girl named Sasha and the one on the right is a 2 month old coronet, chocolate brown girl named Molli.

Reading the information on this website I've already built them a 7.75 Sq. Feet C&C cage, which they happily pop-corn through when they're both in a good mood. It was quite hard to find the materials here (We're in Thailand and apparently people don't like storage cubes here...), but I managed to find some similar cage grids that do the job just fine.

I actually came here to ask some advice, as I am a little bit worried about Sasha's behavior, but I'll do that in a new post where it belongs.;)