View Full Version : Cleaning Ewwww, cage smells bad

04-23-09, 05:52 pm
I have a C&C cage with fleece. I used towels underneeth and I am now trying those puppy training mats. When I was using the towels the cage smelled horible after the first day :yuck:. My questions are, how often should I be changing the fleece, what have you found to be the best bedding underneeth the fleece, and Is there anything I can do about the smell?

04-23-09, 06:00 pm
I placed a window fan in the pig room, used shaving in their hidey and change towels a little more often. Try and track where they pee and poo more often and place a pan of shavings there or and extra towel a puppy pad on the area they soil the most. This is more of an art thing...that is, trying to get it right that works for you.
good luck

04-23-09, 06:05 pm
I have litter boxes underneath my hay racks, they tend to pee in there the most. I use 3 or 4 layers of cotton towels under my fleece and I don't have a smell problem. People are usually amazed. The towels in the sleeping and play area of the cage are usually barely damp when I change everything out 7 days later. When I didn't have litter boxes under the hay rack I had to change everything about every 5 days, but it still didn't stink.

04-25-09, 08:40 am
I have tried many things under the fleece and have settled with my favorite way- cut up absorbent "cotton rich" mattress pads from Wal-mart. I sewed the fleece to the top of it, and the piggy quilt can then be shaken out easily and thrown in the wash.

Sometimes I find that I need to take everything out of the cage, spray the coro with vinegar/water (50/50) solution, let that sit for a few minutes and then wipe down. This helps any hidden pee get cleaned up and deoderized.

As far as my own personal experience, towels were very stinky for me as well.

Also, put litter boxes in their hay/food area and they will be more likely to do more peeing in there. Just dump those boxes daily.