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04-22-09, 12:20 am
Sorry, I couldn't find a prefix related to my question.

I was just having a read thru things on the local guinea pig shelter's website and it says the recommended size for 3 or 4 pigs is 1.5 meters x 60cm. I was gonna build one 2.5 meters x 100cm for four boars. http://acs.7.forumer.com/images/smiles/icon_confused.gif Is that too big? lol. I know the more room the better, but is it unnessesary to be that big?

Also, I'll be putting the cages in the patio so they are closer to us than in the carport. However when it rains really heavy, the patio floor gets wet, so I was going to make the cage so it sits off the floor, would that be okay?

04-22-09, 12:54 am
I don't think you can go too big. The bigger the better, especially for four Boars who need more room than Sows. I think raising it off the ground is a good idea. It will stop them getting cold and damp if the floor gets wet and also it will be easier to clean if it's about waist height.

04-22-09, 04:56 am
If it gets its own zip code, you've gone too big. ;) Otherwise bigger is better!

04-22-09, 10:21 am
Sorry, I couldn't find a prefix related to my question.Because you are in the wrong forum. This belongs in About Cages where all cage related and litter training questions go.