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04-20-09, 10:55 pm
I've just noticed lately that most of my hay ends up on the ground and peed in. The hay rack I Have is the c&c cage type that has bent cubes in a U shape. I was thinking maybe a mesh thing I could tie around the rack. But the problem is that they pick little pieces out from the side. I wouldn't care if just a little bit was wasted but it seems like a good portion even maybe a 3rd of what I put in their at night ends up ruined. Also I see a lot of this that falls outside of the cage, since it's outside I just pick it up and put it back in. Anyway just wondering if there's anything I can rig up to waste less.

P.S. It forced me to use a prefix so I chose the most generic one I could as none fit my issue.

04-20-09, 11:15 pm
Mesh probably won't allow them to get as much hay out as they need.

Pigs love to play in hay, so I put a pile of it on one side of the kitchen area. A fair amount gets wasted, but the pigs love it like this and it's easy to clean up since it's in the loft area. This prevents it from getting all over the main part of the cage.

The only other thing I can think of is that the higher quality hay you get, the less will be wasted. Pigs pick through the hay to find the pieces they like best.

04-23-09, 03:48 pm
Okay thanks. I just got a new batch of 3rd cut timothy and 1/2 blue grass from Kleenmama's. Although the other stuff I got when I adopted them was from Kleenmama's and was a good cut too I believe. I've just seen other types of hay holder's like the spinning looking ones or the wire ball type. Didn't know if there was something better to contain the hay, but if they like to play in it then that is part of the reason to buy it too. First time pig owner :crazy:

04-23-09, 04:05 pm
I bent a grid and used ties to attach it to the roof of the cage for one of their hay racks. The other is a bent grid attached on the side so they don't have to strain (both are pregnant). With the roof rack, I think that it's really cost effective...there is still some on the ground for them to sit in and they get to eat it too.