View Full Version : C&C How big is a 2x7 with a 3x4 to a 4x4 kitchen area?

04-20-09, 04:48 pm
Would the size of a 2x7 with a 3x4 to a 4x4 kitchen area fit 5 Guinea Pigs????:confused:

04-20-09, 04:54 pm
2x7 would be approximately 18 square feet.
3x4 would be approximately 16 square feet.
4x4 would be approximately 21 square feet.

Combined would be between 34 and 39 square feet.

Five females should be fine in an area that size. Males probably would be too, especially if they got along well.

Out of curiosity, why didn't you just post this question here (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/adoptables-discussions/43576-new-pigs-shelter.html)?

04-20-09, 04:55 pm
I contacted Cavy Spirit first to ask her since she created this site then she said to post this question here. But is it big enough for 5 Guinea Pigs?