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04-16-09, 11:20 am
What are some basic things I need in my Guinea Pig first aid kit, that I can get from local stores and pharmacies?

Are Skin Protectant Swabsticks ok and of course its sterile? (there from my moms surgery kit, there is no expiration date on it?

Also how about alcohol swabsticks?, there also from my moms surgery kit, there sterile also, and also no expiration date.

For eye drops are Equate sterile eye drops ok, it relieves redness from minor eye irritation? (but the expiration date is Sep. 1, 2005, but it was never opened.)

Thank You

04-16-09, 12:23 pm
guinealynx.com has a section of what you should put into a first aid kit. Good luck!(:

04-16-09, 12:43 pm
Thank you Vicky. it helped alot

04-16-09, 02:14 pm
Glad to help!!!(: