View Full Version : C&C Question about C&C Cages.

04-15-09, 09:53 am
Ok, Was looking at the store on here, and 27'' wide doesn't seem very wide, so I want to extend it, by buying an extra colorplast bottom, the X-Large, cutting off one side from each bottom, and melt them togeather, to make it a 4x5 cage, making it 27 square feet, but is it possible to make a cage TOO big? Also, it wouldn't break any laws or anything by cutting and melting the bases would it? (Yes, I would sand down the melted area to be smooth.)

04-15-09, 10:34 am
There is no such thing as a cage that is too large. However, I wouldn't melt the coroplast together, you can tape it together instead. Use heavier tape like duct tape.

Also please read this thread, it's about the different forum sections and will help you figure out where to appropriately post your questions. I've had to move some of your threads as they were in the wrong forum sections.