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01-30-05, 09:43 am
Is it just me, or are these C&C cages pretty expensive?


01-30-05, 10:15 am
I couldn't see anything.

01-30-05, 10:52 am
Oh, you have to add an asterisk * on the end, for some reason it didn't include it in the link.

01-30-05, 10:58 am
Hey Coolcavies :)

I don't know about those cages being expensive...they're pretty big.
It's still cheaper to do it yourself anyway.

01-30-05, 11:28 am
they are very expensive, try doin it your self its very easy.

01-30-05, 02:01 pm
There not as expensive as the commercial cages ( and they are a hole lot smaller to!) so, yes a C&C cage may be a bit expensive but its alot bigger and cheaper then the other cages you can buy at a pet store. I built a 2x6 and it cost me about $50-$60. Then i went to a pet store and saw a cage for $150!! and it was very small( compared to mine anyways :)

01-30-05, 04:36 pm
That person is just trying to make money off of something you can easily make yourself. Usually a pack of grids costs anywhere from $10-25 and the coroplast sheets cost anywhere from about $9-20 per sheet.

01-30-05, 07:43 pm
I agree, they're a bit expensive. Try making them yourself! :) Mine costed me about $120, and it has a storage level (2x6), lower level (2x5) with a storage shelf (2x1) next to the lower level, and two lofts (2x3 and 2x1).

01-30-05, 09:53 pm
"That person is just trying to make money off of something you can easily make yourself. Usually a pack of grids costs anywhere from $10-25 and the coroplast sheets cost anywhere from about $9-20 per sheet."

Anyone who sells things is trying to make money.

I know a guy who has a lawn service, he makes money.

You could easily mow your own grass.

01-30-05, 09:58 pm
Well this guy is ripping people off with his exorbitant prices. Nothing wrong with making money but when you way overcharge, it's a different story. I could make and sell cages myself but I wouldn't charge near what this guy does. I do mow my own grass. It saves me money, lol.

Baby Bears
01-31-05, 01:38 pm
Oh no! His prices are insane. I've got a sheet of coroplast on order for $23.00 and the cubes I found at Wal-Mart are $16 per box (24 panels in each box). So my cage only cost $50.00 for materials! I MIGHT put a lid on it, but even the wire racks used for that don't cost that much! They aren't hard to make - look how many people here have made them - you can do it!!!

02-01-05, 11:18 am
Yeah... here's a breakdown for the cost of my cage:

3' x 5' coroplast sheet: $12

2 boxes (24 panels each) of wire grids: $20

Bag of 100 zip ties: $2

Scrap carpet for upper levels and ramps: Free

Total cost for three-level cage (2x3 grids with 2x3 upper level and 2x2 loft): $34

Cost for what amounts to 1 x 1.5 grid cage I first got from pet store: $40

Try it yourself. It's really easy! I have a hard time closing a cardboard box, and even I had the whole thing built the way I wanted in about 3 hours total work.

*edit* I took a second look at the ebay person's cage... they've done some REALLY nice costomizations to those cages. It looks like you're paying for that. It's worth it if you can't do the same as this person.. though you still end up assembling it yourself.

02-01-05, 11:39 am
The cost of my pet store cage was $150.00.

The cost of my c&c cage thru this site was $88.00.

Extra grids & connectors for 2nd level 25.00

carpet and fabric to cover 2nd level 20.00

Total $133.00

I always take the easy way out. Wasn't convenient for me to find coroplast. Anyway when it comes to convenience or saving money I usually go for the convenience.

02-01-05, 07:24 pm
Well this guy is ripping people off with his exorbitant prices. Nothing wrong with making money but when you way overcharge, it's a different story. I could make and sell cages myself but I wouldn't charge near what this guy does. I do mow my own grass. It saves me money, lol.I completely agree with you, I've seen these cages before on Ebay and have always believed they are a total rip-off - not only in price but also a rip-off on somebody else's idea.

However the biggest issue is that he or she advertises them as safe chinchilla habitats. Chinchillas CANNOT be housed in CC cages because of the 1.5" spacing, it is just big enough for them to squeeze their heads in but small enough for them to NOT be able squeeze back out. Chins have often snapped their necks in creative cubes or if they're lucky, and their owner is present they might be able to free them by snipping the grid. Either way, it's a terrible marketing ploy!!

A couple months ago, I did take a proactive role in contacting this person regarding this problem (politely asking them to remove "chinchilla-safe" from their ad) but they did not reply. These cages are safe for rabbits and pigs, but just not chins! Sadly, the consumers who are ignorant enough to fall for this marketing ploy may have their poor chinnies end up paying the price.

Here is a thread from a chinchilla forum describing this problem in detail: http://www.chins-n-quills.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38496&highlight=creative+cubes+neck+snap

02-01-05, 07:53 pm
Eeeek! thanks for letting me know that. I'm not the guy on ebay that sells those ginormous 3-story cages, but I do stick my cages on ebay from time to time to draw people here. I do have rabbit, ferret, and chin listed - but will remove the chin immediately. Thanks, Plummie.

02-01-05, 10:51 pm
You're welcome! :)

02-02-05, 12:50 am
While asking around for coroplast some places quoted me around $50. When I told him there are others selling it for $17 a sheet they said they can't even get it from the manufacturer that cheap. If I had to pay $50 for an 8x4 sheet I'd definitely charge alot more than if I got it for $17. I'm not sure why some places carry more expensive coroplast than others...

02-02-05, 02:05 am
I'm not sure either, but it seems like the chain stores (i.e. Instant Signs or FastSigns) will sell it cheaper than most locally owned places. $50 for a sheet of coroplast is just wrong!!!

02-02-05, 12:37 pm
Considering the size of the cages, I really don't think the eBay seller's price are that bad. Also to be considered is the time it takes to cut the Coroplast, so there's a labour cost that no one seems to have factored in.

They also look like topped cages, requiring more grids, connectors and cable ties than a standard open cage.

For approx. $130 I made two 3x4 cages and and two 2x5's. That's space to house ten pigs quite comfortably (exceeding Cavy Spirit's already comfy minimums).

02-02-05, 01:14 pm
The coroplast I can buy and that my first cage was made from cost me $10 a sheet and cost the sign shop that got it even less. It made a 2X5 and then all I needed to do was buy the grids and it was done.

02-03-05, 09:28 am
Those cages on ebay are really quite nice and I have considered buying one... but after you factor in shipping someing that big to canada... it would have cost almost 400 bucks! I definately would be doing the do-it-yourself way... cubes at walmart here are only $16 for 24 grids...

03-27-05, 11:36 am
they are just trying to make a large profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-27-05, 05:40 pm
I agree. $400 bucks is waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. I actually had fun building my cage and it ended up really well. + on ebay they can't always add things like baby proofing and cat/dog proofing.

03-27-05, 05:54 pm
I agree, just find some place that sells grids and coro in your area. Even if it's an hour or two away, the gas prices can't exceed $400!

03-27-05, 08:44 pm
There are a bunch of sign shops around here. Hopefully I can get some Coroplast cheap from one of them.

06-05-05, 09:13 pm
Don't know if I can put a link on here, and forgive me if I am not supposed to, but freecycle.org helped me with my cage. I put a wanted ad on there for storage cubes/grids and was given 12 panels by a lady that did not need them for her scrapbooking supplies anymore. She did not give the connectors, but I had zip-ties. Was offered some coroplast, but it was not large enough, so I purchased the $17.00 sheet of coroplast from a local sign shop and built my cage. One hour and $17.00 and I have a totally functional cage (not saying all my lines are straight, but it works).

freecycle.org really helps keep things out of landfills, and they have a ton of different chapters. It never hurts to ask, and offer the things you would normally trash. From cardboard to salt shakers, someone somewhere can use it... so why throw it away.

Maybe this will help you to keep your costs down too.

06-05-05, 09:27 pm
While this is an old thread I see the person is still selling the C&C cages.

Yes, they can be made cheaper if you do it yourself but as I see it it is great that someone ran with the idea of selling the cages on Ebay. Imagine, after all of the horrible cage links we have seen finally someone selling cages with a good amount of space. If someone is willing to pay his price their animal is all the luckier for it.

Freecycle.org is a great idea Poodles! I never though of that! Good for you for being so resourceful.

06-07-05, 10:44 am
I only spent around $26 for my 4x6 cage! And since I'm making a new cage, it's going to cost only $16 - 2 sheets of coroplast for $8 each, then I've got the cable ties and already have the grids. They are selling it for outrageous prices, but at least they're c&c cages. I don't think they put that in there? (That they were cubes and coroplast cages)

Emily F.
06-07-05, 12:28 pm
Wow Ruby- that's very cheap. Where did you get your supplies from?

06-08-05, 10:19 am
My cubes were about 20$+ for 25 of them...
Choroplast was 2.99$ but came in very small sheets so I bought about 15$ worth...

06-08-05, 10:25 am
I want some of those cages though!!! They look SO much better than mine... ;(

06-09-05, 06:49 pm
With exception to the high postage fee's I don't think paying extra to have it all delivered to your door is such a bad idea especially if you really don't have alot of time to hunt down all the supplies you need, saving you travel time etc.

06-09-05, 09:04 pm
The first place that I called looking for coroplast asked me if I was one of those guinea pig people LOL! He said they love the guinea pig people and wanted to charge me $35 for 5'x8' sheet. The second place I called had no clue when I said I wanted to make a cage...but they only charged me $20 and they cut it to size for me too!

Needless to say I went with the second place....

06-14-05, 01:48 pm
I bought two packages of cubes for $20 each and a sheet of coroplast for $16. All prices CAD - adding on our 15% sales tax brought my total to just under $65 CAD. The largest commercial cage I could find was maybe 2/5th the size of my 2x4 c&c and was selling for $89.99 + tax.

I'd say the cages in your link aren't out of line if you consider the individual is making them to sell them at a profit.

If you're looking at getting a C&C, making your own would be the less costly was to go.

lindsey's boys
06-14-05, 02:28 pm
My cage only cost $20!

cubes- $20

06-22-05, 07:13 pm
mine cost about... $120.... plus i had extra coroplast left over for a hidey house... and still some lying around :) i made a 4 level ferret cage that is... set in a corner with 48 grids used for just the floors and under cage storage...that was about...$160...it's HUGE and houses 13 ferrets! :)