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04-10-09, 12:05 pm
I have been looking at this site since i started thinking about getting myself a guinea pig. I have learned so much, and it has been a big help in answering all the big questions when it came to the final decision to get a guinea pig.
Now i would like to introduce Ginger and Maryanne to everyone. I aquired them mid march of 2009, and have spoiled them from the beginning. Ginger is a little shy with me but she gets along well with Maryanne. Maryanne has become more social and i am happy to say, very vocal when she is happy. I was worried that it would take longer for them to be active and social in there new setting, but I believe they are content.
I started out with a 2X4 C&C cage, open one level. After seeing them in it i changed it as soon as i could to a 2X5 with an L shaped upper deck on one end, and working on another upper level aswell.
I would like to finish off with a big thank you for this website. It is very informative and helpful, and i am sure there would be many unhappy guinea pigs out there if it wasn't for this site.
Thank YOU
Theresa, Ginger and Maryanne:)

04-10-09, 12:07 pm
Welcome! Ginger and Maryanne are cuties.

04-10-09, 12:09 pm
They are so cute! Im so happy for you!

04-10-09, 01:20 pm
Welcome to the site and your girls are just so cute!