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04-09-09, 02:25 pm
I noticed two weeks ago that my pig Cyril wasn't eating properly; upon close inspection his teeth had grown into eachother slanted and blunt. One vet visit/teeth trim later he was OK. two weeks later I notice weird eating problems - same again, they're slanted into eachother (and blunt). he can still eat but is incredibly slow and cannot get a grip.
I really don't have any ideas here... could somebody please help? thanks.

04-09-09, 02:58 pm
What kind of foods do you feed them? I have a lethal that has problems with his teeth and I find carrots help keep them down well (we make sure though that they are limited though, as Ly's chart says). Hard veggies are the trick I find. We still do have to take him in every so often. Hope that helps a little!

04-10-09, 08:50 am
Normally carrots, cucumber, celery, dandelion leaves/grass, sometimes lettuce. The pig is ~2.5yrs old and apart from a URI when first bought has not had a problem.
I've done some reading up, and the back teeth apparently may be the problem. He can eat hay etc fine, but when it comes to veggies I have to cut them into small chunks and hand feed him.

04-11-09, 05:52 am
Update - been to the vets and they have trimmed them again, they say the molars are overgrown and could be causing it. However, they want to put him under anaesthetic, is this required? They don't know what else could be causing it all of a sudden. Thanks again.

04-13-09, 09:32 am
I am not going to close the thread. Please come back and give us updates on your pig. Thanks.

04-13-09, 12:39 pm
Ok, fair enough.
So far everything seems OK - his teeth haven't slanted again yet, one chipped inwards but the other has grown out to meet it, so he should be OK. Am currently trying to convince parents to allow the anaesthetic.

05-01-09, 12:04 pm
Update - convinced my mum to go through with the operation. We went to a place in Shifnal rather than Pets at Home, they had a rodent specialist and was obviously way better.
Anyway, he's made it through surgery and appears OK, but 48hrs until he'll definitely live (he seems very perky etc). They said it was definitely his teeth causing it, his back teeth were badly overgrown and almost unusable and, his very back teeth had physically curled around and trapped his tongue, making it sore. They burned them back to size and it should hopefully do it. They were however initially worried as it took an hour longer for him to wake up properly, and even then he wouldn't move - possibly due to being cold (he was not eating properly prior to this and lost loads of weight, we put him on a water bottle). We've filled his cage with extra bedding and split him up from Smudge after a quick greeting. He's looking around etc, just still a little shaky.

05-01-09, 12:41 pm
I'm glad the little fella is doing well. Keep us updated.x

05-02-09, 05:43 am
Seems to be making a full recovery. He was very active during the night too, I had to have him in a Nero 2 in my room, and could just hear rustling and thumping constantly.
We have him eating properly and drinking properly too, woke up to the sound of the water bottle. He ate a whole celery quite quickly too. We had to give him a dose of Baytril and a dose of Metacam (he happily necked the Metacam but had to wrestle with him about the baytril, he's never liked it). I can smell wee in the cage at last, but no poo yet.
Although he can't jump off the house yet, just slides down it.

05-02-09, 12:02 pm
It is good news that he is eating well so soon after having his teeth worked on. I had so much trouble with one of my little girls that had the same problem.
I am sure you are already keeping lots of hay down, to help keep his teeth worn down. You could also add in corn husks to help with wearing the back teeth down. Corn is now in season. I go to the local stores and where people shuck the corn, I gather up the husks and take them home. So far the stores have been ok with this and I get them for free.

05-04-09, 06:08 am
Thanks for the advice, I am putting plenty of hay down. Should I be worried that I'm still seeing no poo? He does seem to be eating quite a lot now though.

05-04-09, 01:07 pm
If he is eating he should be pooing. How much is he eating? Do you still have him seperated to monitor his food intake and potty habits?

05-04-09, 02:13 pm
He is seperated and side by side with the other cage, seems to be eating and drinking normally. I found one poo but I think it was from the other pig, we reintroduced them for a moment.

05-04-09, 06:30 pm
I don't know, over 3 days with no poo? I would be calling the vet back. Even though I was having to hand feed Pepper after her teeth were done, she was pooing. They were smaller than normal, but she was pooping.

05-04-09, 09:27 pm
No poo for 3 days is very worrysome. The gut may need some help in the way of motility drugs.

05-06-09, 01:46 pm
He's started pooing again, at last (found out at the wrong time!). They're a bit odd shaped but he's pooing.
It may have been the Baytril causing the delay, he liked the Metacam a lot, but no matter what I did I could only get 1/4 of a dose of Baytril.

05-07-09, 08:06 am
I recently discovered that my own sick pig was eating all her poops. She had trouble passing them because of ovarian cysts, but appeared to not have any at all, except during car rides to the vet when there was a massive explosion. I felt a bit foolish bringing in a pig with poop issues (twice!) when she had a carrier full of them. :)

I finally caught her in the act and she stopped doing it about three days after her spay. I guess there was something she needed to re-ingest and Iím going to remember the car ride trick in the future for pigs that appear to be on the mend, but donít poop.