View Full Version : Ramps my piggies wont go up stairs

04-07-09, 05:55 pm
My piggies can go up and down the ramp (I have seen them do it) but they do not seem to like it. So on the ramp I put a drain tube so they can hide all the way up which is the only way I know that they are go up. But they still do not want to. They are two very very skiddish girls that I just adopted. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

04-07-09, 06:02 pm
ohh and I put a blanket over the top so it would make them feel a little more secure and no luck so far. I did just only put it on this morning though.


04-07-09, 06:29 pm
To give them incentive for going up the new tube I would track treats up it. You can do this a few times and soon enough they should be comfortable with the tube. This is what I did when I made my ramp. My boys wouldn't go up or down it, so I put a little trail of treats going upstairs and then I put a blanket about it too and then they began to use the ramp like it's nothing.

Hope this works for you too!

04-07-09, 06:34 pm
That's what I was going to suggest.... A trail of treats up the ramp, and then something really good (like their veggies?) at the top. And leave the room. Look for the evidence later.

04-07-09, 06:35 pm
ok great I will try that. They are crazy about carrots so I will not give them any today and in the morning I will trail them up the stairs and see if that helps. That actually is another problem I just adopted them and the only thing the guy gave them besides hamster food is a handfull of carrots. It has been a little hard to get them to eat anything besides the carrots. I still only give them one a piece and they pretty much eat them whole. Did anyone else have this problem?

04-08-09, 10:33 am
I think a lot of guinea pigs are reluctant to try new foods at first, it's just a matter of patience until they learn to trust that whatever you put in the bowl is ok to eat. I would start with lettuce first. Leave it in until it starts to look limp and nasty. Sooner or later one of your piggies will have a nibble which will encourage the other one to eat it too. When they have mastered the lettuce, maybe add green bell pepper after that and so on. It may take days and days before they feel comfortable enough to try it but eventually their piggy curiousity should kick in.

I don't know if this would make a difference, but maybe try grating the carrot over shredded lettuce? That way some lettuce may accidentally get past them and they'll realise it's nice. Like sneaking veg into toddlers. ;)

04-08-09, 11:26 am
When I changes my girls ramp from a drain tube to just a normal ramp, they hated me.

It's almost like they were boycotting the second level.
Just give them time and they will eventually wander up there.

04-08-09, 11:59 am
That is a really good idea too. They are SO stuborn. I dont know why the guy was feeding them hamster food but it is so bad for them it was all nuts and corn ect. They are not really eatting their pellets either. I guess if they get hungry enough? I dont know... it is really sad..

04-08-09, 12:01 pm
Poor little souls. Are they eating their hay?

04-08-09, 03:52 pm
They are eatting a little of it. They have eaten more last night than I think they have eatten in like 3 days. I guess they are starting to get so hungry they dont care. Which is really sad. But I really do not want to give them the hamster food. I am watching to make sure they are still eatting and pooping and they are but it still sucks. It really bothers me that people just think that going to a pet store and getting a small animal that they are great for kids or low maintence. I have two females and a male and a lady contacted me to "buy" my male and give him to her kids for easter. Yeah right she is going to keep him for like a month realize they are harder work than people think and just get rid of him. I really want to keep him but my husband says we dont have room for another cage. I am going to work on him though.. I really do not get a good feel from this lady..

04-08-09, 06:14 pm
Did they like the hamster food? I'm thinking it might be better to mix the two and gradually wean out the hamster food. I'm not sure if the same principal applies but I know with dogs its better to switch them gradually to avoid diarrhea. Since diarrhea can be deadly in cavies maybe a gradual change would be better? I do know you can get a paste from the pet store that supplements the bacteria in their gut to help with them not eating, but I don't remember what its called.:confused:

04-08-09, 09:17 pm
I am not sure if they liked the hamster food.. when I got them I kinda refused to give it to them. I figured that like a little kid if they get hungry enough they will eat it. My 1.5 year old son only wants to eat bananas and cookies all day everyday.. I make compormises (sp?) but I still wont let him just eat those two. He will maybe get one of each daily... but he sure tries to get more. I am not trying to be mine but I love him and want him to be healthy same with my new kids my piggies.

04-08-09, 09:22 pm
i meant to say mean