View Full Version : C&C Got a C&C!!

04-06-09, 07:02 pm
Woot! I got a C&C cage for my piggers today! It's supposed to be a 2X6 but since it didnt fit in my livingroom, we made it a 3X4 for now. We only have a temperaily pt up right now. Got the grids at Canadian Tire for any Canadians out there. They love it so far. We got 2 boxes which made 2 cages. They were on sale this week at our store for 17.99 (reg 24.99) but every store is individually owned so they may not be on sale in your area. Best to get some cable tips for them because they dont have enough connectors to do a cage (only the setup they have on the box). I'm so excited, they absolutely love it!

04-06-09, 08:40 pm
Woo! I'm glad your piggies love it, I don't get how any pig wouldn't ;)

04-06-09, 09:00 pm
That's fantastic news! I bet your piggies are like "whoa...:ohmy:"

04-07-09, 08:11 am
I bet your piggies are loving it! I know most people do the 2Xwhatever type setup, but due to the room mine is in, We've always done 3x (first 3x3, then 3x4, and finally expanded to 3x5). My piggies love the setup.

04-07-09, 10:55 am
woo hoo congratulations I bet the piggies are running laps like crazy. My piggies can't stop doing laps in their C&C cage they just love it, especially with the fleece bedding.

04-07-09, 02:36 pm
Mine can in the mail today. Cannot wait for my husband to get home so we can get it set up and them moved!! I am glad your piggies now have tons of space to play.

04-07-09, 08:06 pm
Thanks everyone. They had lots of space already, but the pen they had before was a wood frame and bottom and was too hard to clean so that's why we changed. Plus, we're going to be moving soon (from PEI to Ontario) and the double decker monstrousity couldnt come with. They love that they can see now instead of standing up to look over the sides lol. The only thing is, when we had the boys cage beside the girls, all they did was go nuts and bite the grids to try and get out and over to see the girlies. Drove me nuts after a while lol but our apartment is so small that they have to be that way for now. I cant wait to move back home lol!