View Full Version : Newborn Pups When Can you give the pup's a new home?

04-06-09, 01:51 pm
I have a 4 1/2 month old piggy who I'm looking to get a new friend for. The lady I adopted her from has another young female who was born on the 10th of March 2009. It seems to me thats quite young to be away from mom. I want to get her but I would really like to wait until she is the right age. Dose anyone know when the right age is for a female to be given away? Thank you

04-06-09, 10:31 pm
Three or four weeks if I am not mistaken. I know males should be sepatated from Mom at 3 weeks unless they need more care and are not showing signs of mounting other pigs.

04-06-09, 10:38 pm
Male pups must be separated no earlier than and no later than 21 days. Females can be separated at 21 days also if they are going to live with another older female pig. She's old enough to come live with your pig but there should be a 3 week quarantine in another room in another cage before they are introduced.