View Full Version : Ramps I want to make an L shaped ramp - Help Please!

04-06-09, 12:21 pm
Hi I bulit a C & C cage that is 2 x 3 on the bottom and then makes a
1 X 2 x 1 L shape for the loft. I just need to finish with the ramp and am having trouble getting it to work out right, any ideas??
I want to use an L ramp because of the space issue. Any help would be welcome. Thank you.

04-06-09, 02:05 pm
There's an L-shape ramp here that could work for you.
Side view - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/4389)

Or: Rodney's Switch Back Ramp - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/4434)

04-06-09, 02:34 pm
Thank you the second switch back ramp looks like something I could try to modify to fit. There are just so many options and I don't want to go bending grids before I know it will work!!

04-06-09, 06:51 pm
Hello sorry i am looking for some help also. I would like to built a kind of like small second level for my 2 piggies more like a sleeping room and also how to build a ramp. I have a 2x4 cage 10.5 sq. Thank you

04-06-09, 08:11 pm
I also needed to maximize space so here's how I did it:


I used two grids to make a level I put halfway up the grid and I secured it with zip ties. I put a piece of toweled coroplast wrapped in fleece atop that. (The pig in the picture is sitting on that level.) Then I cut a hole in the "floor" of the uppermost level and filed the entryway smooth. I used "Fiddle sticks" as ramps - they are zip tied only on the top so that I can slide a board wrapped in fleece under them. (One set of fiddle sticks is in the bottom left corner, the other is behind the pile of hay.) Once I saw they had gotten the hang of jumping from the bottom level to the middle level, I removed the bottom "ramp" of fiddlesticks so that their bottom floor is totally unimpeded by ramps, and they have hidey/sleepy spots either on that middle level or below it on the main floor. I made sure to leave a "landing" upstairs so that they could approach the stairs straight on (that is, I did NOT cut the hole into an outside corner of the upper grid, I cut the hole into the corner of the grid that was against the back wall, but in the middle of the cage.)

I put the hay in the middle area to encourage them to go up and down, and it only took them a few hours to get accustomed to doing it.

04-07-09, 08:46 am
Hi Blackarrow - How far are they jumping to get to the middle level??