View Full Version : Coroplast Would it be fine if my sides were lower

04-02-09, 09:34 pm

I am in the process of building a c and c cage. It is 3 grids by 5 grids on the main level and the second level/loft area is 2 by 3 grids. The problem is that I cant find any coroplast bigger than 4 feet by 8 feet so it isn't wide enough and I was wondering if 3 inches on the sides would still work fine.
p.s. I will be using fleece as bedding so I wont have to worry about bedding going all over the place. So the main question is if anyone else has there sides on 3 inches tall and if so could you show me some pictures i would appreciate it.

04-02-09, 10:19 pm
I haven't had my C&C long but so far the only place which I've found really needs the 6" sides is the area in which I have their hay. I might actually cut mine down at some point - I find my boars like to hang out on the smaller second floor and it may be because I only have the coroplast on two sides there - they seem to like the additional view.

04-02-09, 10:22 pm
3" sides with fleece is fine. You will find though that they will manage to fling hay and poo out of the cage.

I used to have a 3x4 and a 3x5.75 cages with 3" sides. I don't recommend that low of sides with regular types of bedding.

I have some pictures of my older cages in my profile gallery.