View Full Version : RE-introducing myself...

03-30-09, 03:08 pm
Hi there! It's been a long time since I posted, and the "herd" has evolved since then, too, so I thought I'd re-introduce myself.

My name is Melissa (Most people call me Mo). My partner and I live in a suburb of Detroit with our 3 kids, various other pets, and of course, the pigs. Back when I started posting here, we had Phil (an Aby), And a Silkie we were calling "Oswald". The name didn't stick, and we changed it to Greyson. Thanks to the info here, we built a "giant" (according to all of my friends) cage (4x3 grids, with a loft), and the two were really happy together. Phil, unfortunately, was an old man (he had been a rescue) and crossed the bridge about 6 months ago. Poor Greyson was MISERABLE without his buddy, though, and so we acquired (from a shelter) a Peruvian we named Wyatt to be his buddy. They were fast friends from the moment of their first introduction, and couldn't have been happier.

Recently, we added a pair of young "Skinny pig" boars to the herd (Oswald (the name DID end up fitting HIM, and Doug), from a private owner who could no longer care for them properly. I'd never buy a Skinny, but these two needed a home, and we had room for them. After a proper quarantine, introductions are going very well, and we expect our herd of boys to eventually co-habitate quite well in what we have come to call "Piggie Palace". If it doesn't work out, of course we will simply build a second C&C for the Skinny boys. Pics will follow when I get them uploaded.