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03-26-09, 01:03 pm
The birthday of my first guinea pig Nymphae is coming up in April 25th (or close to it, I'd need to check to be sure..). And I wanted to do something special with her and Leila's cage to celebrate it. It looks rather bland and I thought my piggies would enjoy a slight change of scenery! I would anyway.. :p

Have you guys ever made a theme-cage? What are suitable items to use for these cages that aren't dangerous to their health? (Plastic flowers are a no-no!) And the most fun part, could you perhaps show me an example of a good theme-cage! lol

A little side-info:
The cage I've got consists out of an average petstore cage, put inside a huge run with a thick load of newspapers on the floor. It's got a hangmat, one of these.. pipe thingies and a plush bed.

03-26-09, 01:10 pm
Was this what you were thinking?
Decorated Cages - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showgallery.php/cat/511)

Also, i wouldn't use just newspaper for the flooring. If anything, cover it with fleece.

03-26-09, 01:36 pm
AnimalHouse36: Yep, exactly what I meant! Thanks! :D
About the fleece. It says the urine will go through it, but then it would damage the floor. Should I still put the newspapers under it or should I go with something like towels instead to absorb it?

03-26-09, 01:38 pm
You should put an absorbant material under it. I use puppy pads.

Some people use a mix. Like puppy pads, towels, and newpaper. You should experiment until you find what works for you.