View Full Version : I am expanding my cage to a 2X4

03-25-09, 10:17 am
Ok, here is the issue. I have Jake (turns out she is a girl, but that is beside the point). I've gotten her a new friend (also female), who is currently in quarantine, but I have noticed she is a climber.

I am expanding my current set-up to a 2 X 4 to give them more space. I want to have 10 inch sides until she gets used to the new environment, because she was previously in a wooden rabbit type hutch outside. So that means I new piece of coroplast. So assuming I do want 10 inch sides (which will be cut down to 6 or 8 when I feel that the new piggie is safe), I would need by my calculations a piece that is 77 X 47 inches, is that right? :crazy:

For some reason I keep talking my self out of the measurements. Also, piggie to be named later drinks alot? Everything else seems ok with her except a small bare spot on her head that seems to be from a small attack. She's not itching alot or anything, so I don't think it's lice or mites. Of course regardless of this, I will quarantine for three weeks to be on the safe side.

By the way, everyone, thank you for all your help. Be it thru my questions or someone else's, I have learned so much since I joined!

03-25-09, 11:13 am
I guess I will just go with my measurements. I can adjust as needed.

08-13-09, 07:01 pm
I think those are the right measurements. That's what my cage is anyway.