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03-23-09, 08:58 am
I'm thinking about building a 1x1 hay loft for my girls and I have a couple questions.
I'm all out of grids, so could I make it just with coroplast if I made the walls high enough?
I assume I shouldn't just pile hay on the floor (though I bet piggies would like it. lol)...what are some suggestions on smallish, cheap hay racks? I use a bent grid for my hay rack now, but as I said I'm out of grids and I'd still keep the one downstairs.
Any tips on constructing the loft that would make it easier to clean? I'm planning on putting in shredded paper like I have in my downstairs kitchen, since hay sticks awfully to my fleece. I don't want to have to take out all the hay racks in order to change the bedding.
Is 1x1 to small? I think it probably will be once I get all the hay in there, I could build a 1x2 but it would be harder.
Oh yeah, and a ramp. I guess I'll look through the picture gallery to find ideas, but any tips on a ramp would be appreciated also!
My cage is 2x4 and I'm worried that a ramp would take up too much room, I can't make my cage any bigger but my piggies do have access to floor time almost all the time. (I'm lucky to have potty trained piggies, I can leave floor time open at night and they don't make a mess on the floor. :)), since they have floor time available to run laps and stuff do you think a ramp would be fine?

Thanks for answering all my slightly dumb newbie questions. ;)

03-30-09, 03:57 pm
I'm guessing this is the thread you were talking about in my profile messages.

A 1x1 would probably be a bit small but ok for 1-2 pigs. For an upper level loft, you need grids to support the sides otherwise it could slip off. Safety is a major priority. There are many things you can use for ramps, see the photo galleries for ideas. Ramps do take away running space.

I used to do upper level hay lofts and I would line them with newspaper and then put lots of hay on the floor so they could lay under it, play in it, eat it, sleep on it, whatever. My girls loved it. Then I could change it out every 2-3 days and keep the rest of the cage cleaned up by spot cleaning and changing fleece/mattress pads once a week.

In another cage I used to have (I've built several types and sizes of C&C's), I had a 1x2 hay area off the side of the main level. I just cut the coro to where it was about 3"-4" high so they could jump from one side to the other side thus keeping the hay mostly in the hay area.

I'd probably advise this second method because of you lacking grids. You could attach the extra area to the existing grids with binder clips to keep it in place and then you don't have to worry about upper levels or ramps.

03-30-09, 04:03 pm
Our hayloft is 1x3 (plus 1, to lead to the ramp), kinda L shaped. We put newsprint down, and just scatter the hay up there. When we scoop the poop (daily), we also sweep up any leftover hay/poop, wipe the coroplast down with a vinegar-dampened towel, and put down new hay. I used to use hayracks, but they just pulled it all out onto the floor of the cage, anyway, and ran around in it, making a big mess. The haylof method works better for us. I now have 4 boars who share the cage (2 are removed to their own temporary cage when they can't be supervised, as we are earlyish in the intro process), and there is much less hay mess, and they seem to have a lot more fun, this way.

04-01-09, 08:33 am
1x1 would be really cramped. A 1x2 would certainly be better.

04-04-09, 12:50 pm
Thank you all for your advice! My piggies now have a 1x1 hay loft. I know it's a bit small but they don't seem to mind...they run up the ramp, snag some hay and run back down, they enjoy the ramp more than anything else and they like to hide under it. I built my ramp out of a set of smaller grids I found, they're 4 spaces square and are just about the perfect size.