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03-21-09, 09:55 pm
I just ordered 2 cozies, one for Doodles, and one for the gp I'm expecting to get in the near future. I was wondering though; do people ordinarily place them in their hideaway homes, or are they better outside? Since I only have a 2 x 3 cage (I'll be getting a larger one when I get the next cavy), I was hoping inside the hideaway home will work. Between the home, a place for hay, the kitchen, and the toys, a cage gets small pretty quick :optimist:

03-22-09, 09:35 am
I keep mine outside, under a piece of fleece that I have draped over one corner of the grids. You can see it in my album. My piggies love feeling enclosed under the tent, and the fleece I used there was just extra I had cut off from their fleece bedding when I bought it. So if you're worried about space, maybe try the tent idea, as it only takes up as much room as the cuddle cup. I'd suggest upgrading to a 2x5 when you get two pigs if you're worried about space, and if you have the room. I used to have a 2x4 for my one girl, and then I got another and it just seemed small to me. They're fighting less now and running laps like crazy with the 2x5. So, that's just a thought :) There's so much more room with just a extra grid on each side for the length, it's great. I have a cuddle cup, fiddlesticks shaped into a bridge, a plastic bin under their hay rack, two small cups for pellets, water bottles of course, a pigloo and two girls in my 2x5 and there's still room!

And a hint for under their hideys, I have a pigloo and sometimes I'll put a hand towel underneath folded up so their pee soaks into that mostly. That way the rest of the underbedding doesn't smell as fast, and I can change out the little hand towel when needed (after a day or two). I'm not sure if this makes the guinea pig feel more secure and comfortable, but my girls seem to be fine with it.