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03-21-09, 11:35 am
After following the instructions on the cuddle cup and making two nice ones, I got greedy and wish for an ornate guinea hut too! But I couldn't find a tutorial for a guinea pig hut so I constructed one from scratch with an oatmeal container and a piece of coroplast.

Since this one is mostly cardboard and unwashable, it must not come into contact with urine. I made another protecting pad with walls and also line the inside of the hut with another sheet of waterproof material for safe measure, I didn't put them in the following pictures.

03-21-09, 02:02 pm
WOW! That's cute.

03-21-09, 03:02 pm
Aww!!!! I once made something that is kind of (but not really) like that! I saw something called a sleepy sack on a website and decided to make one of my own. I put in in my piggie's cage, and she loved it! Too bad she's too big for it now...lol

Guinea Goddess
03-21-09, 03:35 pm
That is so adorable! Nice job.

03-21-09, 04:03 pm
aaawwwww thats so cute!!!!!!!!

03-21-09, 04:29 pm
That is really adorable!!! I think I may have to make one as well!

03-21-09, 05:04 pm
That is toooo cute! I'm sure your piggie will continually enjoy that.

03-21-09, 09:37 pm
Niiiice! Good job! ;)

03-22-09, 08:18 am
If my piggies had that they'd eat the ribbons off, so you might want to be careful with that.
That is just toooo cute! I love it!

03-22-09, 09:25 am
Wow I love it! So pretty. Care to share the directions, maybe? ;)

03-22-09, 10:52 am
If you'd like to share the instructions to make this then please take photos of each step, include photos of all the materials used and written step-by-step directions and you can email them to me. I can provide my email to you via private message. Then I will post your instructions as a sticky thread with all credit to you.

03-22-09, 06:49 pm
Unfortunately I didn't take pictures when making this hut, and I don't have another oatmeal container to make another one with. I did private message cavy_cuddler with instructions though, but I can't find a copy in my sent message folder. Could cavy_cuddler please copy the instructions over to here please, thanks!

03-22-09, 06:59 pm
I'd like to try and make one. I love this, it's very cute! I think my girls will enjoy this.

03-22-09, 07:36 pm
Looks awesome nice work!

03-24-09, 04:13 pm
sooooooo pretty!

03-28-09, 11:23 pm
Cool! Would another type of container work? Maybe one that is plastic or lined with plastic to help with the urine issue? And it would be awsome if there was a way to take the "sleeve" off the frame for washing. Maybe a frame of wire with a plastic covering to protect the metal from urine? And then the frame/plastic slips into the fabric with some type of closure?

03-29-09, 12:55 am
I made another hut using one layer of batting plus two layers of felt to hold the shape, so the whole thing can be washed!

03-29-09, 01:52 am
These are stunning!!!

03-29-09, 02:20 am
Those huts are awesome! :D So pretty!
My guinea pigs would try and eat the ribbons though, the little vandals! :P

03-29-09, 10:49 pm
I don't know what's cuter!? That hut or the piggie inside!