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03-19-09, 01:17 pm
Hi Everyone! I have already started posting, I didn't see this forum right away. Here is the long story about me and my herd (I'll be surprised if anyone reads it all lol):

I never wanted guinea pigs. Seriously, I had no desire to get any. I have taken in countless animals over the years, and am head over heals for Chinchillas. Having *clears throat* a LOT of animals I didn't want Guinea Pigs because a) I had never had them before and thought it best not to start in on a whole new species, b) because I KNEW how care intensive they are, and I didn't want to get into all of it if I didn't have to, and c) they just didn't seem that interesting. Awful of me, I know. So for years and years they were not part of my pack and I was fine with that. And then Gwendolyn came along.

I live in Northern California near some rural areas. In our county we have a shelter that is kind of out of the way in an odd location. My friend and I were driving by in early 2006 and she wanted to go in to see the cats. I reluctantly said ok (I have volunteered there before, and knew how difficult it is to leave animals there unadopted by me lol). So we walk towards the cat room, which is right next to the dog kennels, the dogs barking like mad, and there she was. There was my future first guinea pig terrified on the floor in a HAMSTER cage so small she could barely turn around right in front of the echoing dog kennels. I knew instantly she needed help. Aside from being terrified her nails looked like they hadn't been trimmed her whole life. I returned to the front desk and asked what the deal was. They instantly said "Do you want her? We'll give her to you for free, we don't know what to do with her." Obviously! Of course I couldn't leave her like that. With a deep breath of knowing I was about to throw all my personal guinea pig rules out the window I scooped her up and took her home. She was a light himalayan with the sweetest disposition. We took to eachother right away. My plan was to rehome her, but yeah right. I couldn't find anyone good enough! So that plan went out the window fast. Knowing that they were herd animals I got online right away to find her a companion, and came up with my silver solid sow, Josephine, from a Guinea Pig rescuer. Josephine was very young, a surrender from someone that was trying to breed, I think. So Gwendolyn and Josephine bonded fast, and Gwendolyn's fantastic personality helped coax Josephine out of her timid shell. At the time I was keeping them in a Super Pet cage and was hating it! That thing was like always dirty and they didn't seem happy. I was even at the point of telling myself "This is why I didn't want them in the first place!" And then, somehow I found cavycages.com! I wasted no time in scooping up supplies and building a C&C cage. That did it, I was hooked on these fantastic little creatures!! The cage made their care so much easier and more enjoyable! And I LOVE all their vocalizations.

Anyway, Gwendolyn went into kidney failure about a year after I got her. My vet told me there really wasn't anything I could do for her. We think she was a lot older than they told me at the shelter "Oh she's about a year probably"... I don't think so. So I was crushed, but couldn't leave young Josephine alone. She got very depressed the day Gwendolyn died. So I set out to find another companion for her. Would you know it, I couldn't find one! I'm not kidding!!! I went to shelters, I searched for rescuers, I went on Petfinder and Craigslist daily. There were no female guinea pigs available! I couldn't believe it!! I was starting to comtemplate buying one, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, knowing what that meant. So Josephine had to wait and I kept looking. Then one day, weeks later, there was an ad on craigslist for a single female came with cage and all. I rushed to her, saw that she was in decent health, they had taken decent care of her. It was a family that just didn't want her anymore because they got a kitten for their kid that was just more interesting. Not kidding. They actually told me they didn't want her anymore because they had a new kitten. So without much thought, and excited at the prospect of a new companion for Josephine, I drove her home over an hour away. And that's when it happened...

This new pig was a boy! NOOOOOO!!! I can't tell you how much I kicked myself for not checking. So stupid!! So, after quarantine I divided the 2x5 cage in half and HE went in the other half, much to his dismay. Josephine thouroughly enjoyed teasing him, not kidding. She would flirt with him and then scurry away, lol. I named him Napoleon because he was in love with her! He spent months and months doing nothing but longing for her. She liked this. He had to wait while I found money to get him neutered. (Meanwhile I had a lot of other animal medical bills being paid). Finally I got him neutered... and then he still had to wait. lol I kept them seperate for a month to be on the safe side. Then the day came they could be together. Naploeon thought it was a great idea, Josephine just seemed annoyed that she couldn't tease him anymore. He settled down eventually and they have bonded. Then last month I decided to make it more of a herd and get another sow. This was partly so that Napoleon's attention would now be split between two lovely ladies. The plan worked and my new pig, Rosaline, fit in instantly.

So that is the long story of my herd! haha Guinea Pigs are now a part of my pack, and I love it. They are so endearing and I don't regret taking Gwendolyn in at all! :)

03-19-09, 01:23 pm
I'm glad everything worked out so well! Welcome to the forum!

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That is an amazing little story.
And yes I read it all : )
Welcome to the forum!

Silly Moo
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I read it too ;)
Very cute xx

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I read it all! Loved your story. Welcome to GPC!

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Awww, piggy love. Cute story.