View Full Version : Cage Midwest rip-off??

03-16-09, 09:11 pm
(I tried searching for a similar thread but did not find one, sorry if I missed it.)

So did Midwest rip-off guineapigcages.com or what?! I was personally shocked when I saw this page Guinea Habitat Plus (http://midwesthomesforpets.com/category/default.aspx?maincatid=27&subcat=4&submenu=0&catid=142) ! It looks to me whoever wrote it was practically copying the gpc home page. Is it just me!? I think its very dodgy that they are trying to make a profit on something that with a little research people can make themselves for way cheaper, and better.

Now, I guess it is a good thing that the cage makers are waking up and realizing the litter boxes don't work. But still...

03-16-09, 09:23 pm
I personally like the looks of these cages and if I had seen them when I first got my pigs, I would have bought two. But I HATE building things. :)

03-16-09, 09:45 pm
I don't think anyone will complain if pet store sold cages are getting bigger and better. It just proves that even the pet industry is recognizing what Teresa/CavySpirit has been saying for years--Bigger is Better if you want a happier healthier pet.

Let them make their profit. As long as the animals are benefiting then I'm all for it.